Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates at Studio Rubix, Palmerston North, is body-changing.

Strengthen, Lengthen & Tone
with Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is low impact (great for joint health) but can range in intensity to cater just as well for the beginner to exercise as we can for the fitness fanatic. Our style is unique; effective, body-enhancing, muscle toning, dynamic reformer pilates!

We offer 1:1 (or 2:1) personal sessions (45 or 60min) and classes which are 55 minutes long. You’ll discover muscles you didn’t know you had. We like to mix things up; each and every class will be different to keep your body and mind guessing. All you have to do is turn up, we will take care of the rest.

Get ready to strengthen, lengthen and tone with Reformer Pilates at Studio Rubix!

We welcome pregnant and postpartum women to our beginner classes and cater for ages 16-80+!

Book your class below. New clients welcome! You do not have to be a ‘member’ to attend.

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Reformer Beginner

Beginner classes include a full body workout with focus on technique and nailing the basics with options to progress and challenge yourself. Suitable for beginners to exercise.

Reformer Intermediate

You’ve mastered the beginner and want something more challenging. You’ll find more dynamic movements, longer holds and more demanding exercise sequences.

Reformer Advanced

Ideal for those who are experienced in Reformer Pilates looking to exercise at a high level of pace, technique and demand.  These are our toughest classes on offer.


We fuse Reformer Pilates with cardio bikes to get your heart pumping and lungs puffing. We welcome all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced as we can ensure a great workout for all.

HIIT Beginner

For those of you wanting to get a bit of a sweat on in your reformer sessions. This higher energy class mixes it up with a cardio focus to break up the strength movements. With regressions and progressions on offer for each exercise you’ll be able to work within your own fitness level at an intensity that works for you.

Reformer Stretch & Release Class

Reformer pilates class focusing on longer stretches and more mobility to reduce tension and pain and increase range of movement. With gentle strengthening, this class is designed to be slower paced but still effective for rejuvenating the body and mind.
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Get a taster for Reformer; it will have you coming back for more!


+ No joining fee
+ Flexibility of classes week to week with 24 hours notice to change/cancel classes
+ Ability to book classes for the year in advance
+ Get access to members only workshops for free
+ Be part of our milestone club and get recognised for the amount of classes you’ve attended
+ Access to members only monthly challenges
+ Access to an exclusive members only Facebook group to share your experiences with our Rubix community, plus exclusive tips from the trainers and be first to know about upcoming workshops
+ Pause your membership at no cost for up to 2 weeks per year on a monthly or 3 month membership and up to 4 weeks with a 6 or 12 month membership with 7 days notice (no questions asked)
+ Upgrade your membership at anytime


Perfect if you like having the flexibility at cheaper rates!

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1:1 or 2:1
Reformer Pilates Personal Training (RPPT)

Fancy personal training with a twist? Reformers Pilates 1:1 or 2:1 personal training offers a great personable experience, we can look after your form and help you reach your goals with this specifically targeted training.

Book your RPPT sessions now.

"Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit."

Joseph Pilates

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Want inspiration for the kitchen? Check out our blog of recipes designed to keep your body and your mind operating at their full potential.


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