Down-sizing; time to practice what I preach!

December 19, 2016
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December 19, 2016 Kate Morland

So Quinn is 2 weeks old with a divine head of fluffy black hair, skinny wee legs and chubby little chins and cheeks that you want to bury your nose in. As much as I’d love to continue wearing my husbands tshirts and oversized hoodies it’s time to take a good look at myself and start my journey back to me. I gained 16kg this pregnancy and so far I have said goodbye to 8 of it. But with 8kg to go, I do need a plan as I just do not like the ‘riding up action’ of my favourite sporty shorts!

For my last 2 pregnancies I’ve returned to my usual size within a couple of months and I owe that to establishing good habits early on.


It’s time to practice what I preach and make a few changes to my lifestyle. Of course, I realise that bubs is only 2 weeks old, and giving birth to a wee human is pretty grueling on the female body, things are still healing, energy levels wane from time to time and a big priority in my days is being well rested, hydrated and nourished to feed this growing bubba.

I’ve come up with a pretty good routine; after a few hours in the morning hanging with my older cherubs, I drop them at daycare and head out walking with Quinn. I’m trying to do my meal prep early afternoon so it’s not a mad rush in the evenings, and I am treating myself to a few avo naps here and there. In amongst I’m also fitting in a few clients.


Daily exercise for me has been all about getting some sunshine, some wind in the hair and moving this body to start to feel fit and strong again. Walking is all I’ve done so far, I won’t even attempt running until Quinn is about 6 weeks old. Running at this stage would put too much strain on the lil pelvic floor muscles and I don’t want to risk any ‘issues’ for the sake of a huff and puff jog! So I’ve gradually built my walks up to 40-60min depending how I feel, nothing too strenuous, coupled with some pelvic floor exercises. They are boring; but they need to be done like brushing our teeth! Yesterday I decided to charge the buggy up Pork Chop Hill which certainly woke the thighs up.

My goal this week is to reintroduce some strength training, just some basic squats, hip raises, planks and pressups. Nothing too difficult, just ease back into it.

Now food wise. I told Toby last night to get on board with me and make some changes because I’m pretty partial to anything ‘baked’. Lets face it, I’m not going to cut out my evening biscuits if he is going to sit there dunking his in a cuppa! So back on the menu for us is platters of fresh fruit after dinner while we glue our eyes to Scandal on tv. Also as a treat, because I am partial to dark chocolate is my favourite from the Trade Aid shop; all I want is 2 pieces because it is so rich and luxurious and I love it.


What can go flying out the window are the extra slice(s) of toast in the morning with breakfast. I got into the habit of popping a slice in for me when I’d make the girls (or eat their leftovers!) and really I don’t need this. I love my bowl of bircher or homemade muesli with greek yoghurt, and bread can wait until my sandwich at lunch. I’ve also prepared some yummy banana/rhubarb loaves for a mid morning snack to enjoy with a cuppa and keep me going between meals. See…I don’t have to go without to lose weight, I just need to redistribute, reduce and reprioritise.

I think it is so important for women to regain a healthy and positive body image after pregnancy. I’m not saying everyone needs to achieve their pre-preggy weight, (certainly there are body parts that will never be like they once were!), but I want to retain my identity as a fit and healthy and happy woman, and for me that means returning to running, to my usual wardrobe and being confident. Never will I use the thrown-about excuse of “but I’ve had 3 kids” to justify how I look. My daily choices dictate that. I’m on that road to me, and I’m going to make it fun x

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