Goals – Are you on track?

June 7, 2017 Kate Morland

We set them in January…now it’s June!

Did you set goals in January? I certainly did; I was spurred into action after returning from 10 days of full-on training as a Reformer Pilates instructor to create some focus for my year. My focus was to target my health, my fitness, quality of life and balance. Six months down the track there are plenty of things I’ve managed to ‘tick off’ but there remains a few vital goals I haven’t managed to keep the spotlight on. I hope this blog helps you reflect on yourself and what change is required!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is blown away by how fast 2017 is flying by. We’re writing June in the date now and rapidly ripping off blank calendar pages to catchup and that sends me into a bit of a frazzle…

Back in January, I wrote my ‘Goals Inspiration Board’ which I thought had great promise, was realistic and would keep me on track. Now six months later, I’m a little shocked about how many things I am yet to implement and it’s time to give myself a kick up the bum and start doing it.

What did you set out to do this year and haven’t quite mastered it? Haven’t prioritised it although it is really important to you? Have you not allocated enough attention or time to it?

At the end of the day if you want, go get it. Stop the excuses and start finding the opportunities to make it happen.

On my list to make happen is:

NO social media after 7 pm (I berate myself most nights as I sit on the couch swiping my finger up and down my phone when I could be chilling in the spa or reading a book)

Drink more water! I’ve got an empty glass on my desk as I speak/type…time to fill and place a jug with lemon slices on my desk. I hate drink bottles; they don’t work for me.

Flexibility focus – although pregnancy hormones are meant to make me feel like a ‘supple bendy wendy’, I’m as tight as a tiger and most of the time in a bit of pain. I have a foam roller, trigger ball, and dyna band…I have a reformer machine 20 steps away. The next step is to allocate time in my calendar! If it’s not written down, it won’t happen.

I hope I have spurred you into action. Life can just pass us by and then we’re left wondering…what did we do with all that time? Why am I no closer to where I want to be? Of course, have fun living, but realise that for some of those things you know will make you feel better and function better, you have to work hard at making them happen. Over to you…

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