Boost your MOJO with exercise

March 17, 2018
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March 17, 2018 Kate Morland

We all know what it’s like to have lost your mojo.

Things you used to be interested in may no longer appeal, you may feel like you’ve gone off track or barriers have got in the way. You likely feel sluggish, a little lost or just feel blah. Our brain and body thrive on endorphins and feel good chemicals to make us feel happy and energised. When we feel like this we are more focused, more productive and positive. There are several ways we can boost production of these feel-good hormones. Exercise is one.

First things first, we as humans were wired to move. But many of us don’t move enough.

During exercise a number of complex reactions and changes occur. Quite simply exercise makes us happy. If you want more proof, look into John Ratey’s research. He deduces exercise to be as effective as some medications for depression. In support, Tal Ben-Shahar, a Havard expert in positive psychiatry makes a strong statement “Not exercising is like taking a depressant”. I couldn’t agree more. If only more investments were made to encourage people to move, than invested into pharmaceuticals.

So the big question; are you exercising enough? Whether yes or no, we have some tips for you…

  1. Be consistent. Consistency over intensity is most important. Don’t go guns blazing for a few days and then stop for a month. It’s better to do something that is sustainable.
  2. Start with simple. Shoes + a footpath = a 15min walk. You + lounge floor (after kids in bed) = 10mins of core exercise (in your PJs if you must)
  3. If you’re ready; challenge yourself. Ramp up the intensity or duration, find more frequency. Keep climbing the fitness ladder.
  4. Explore your surroundings. Walk out the door and go. Did you find nice gardens? Peaceful bush?
  5. Be social and accountable – join a walking group, a dance group, aqua classes or the gym, find a training buddy.
  6. Feel good in your clothes. Tights wearing thin? Upgrade! It’s amazing how a new outfit will boost your self esteem. A splash of colour can be energising. You don’t have to spend a fortune either.
  7. Take time to adapt – if you’re new to exercise or returning to it after a break, realise that it takes time for the body to adapt and get stronger. The adaptation phase can be ~6weeks so don’t expect to feel amazing after only 3 gym sessions!
  8. Exercise is not always fun. Dare I say that. There are times I don’t enjoy it; the strong wind in my face or blisters from new shoes. I just think those sessions are about building resilience. Then there are the times I love it. Enjoyable or not, just keep going.
  9. Sore and injured? Confused what to do? Just like you’d see an accountant for financial support, see a personal trainer for exercise support. We are good at what we do. We’ll look after you too.
  10. Find your fix. I used to love running but at the moment I’m a little broken so rather than use injury as an excuse, I switched to reformer pilates which suits perfectly. It’s my new fix.

So now it’s up to you. What are you going to do to move more and boost your mojo?

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