Exercise tips for our Young People

February 6, 2020 Keegan Murphy

What we enjoy, we keep doing. So make exercise fun for kids.

Give kids a wide range of activities to try; to build their skill set and confidence.

Becoming good at a sport or activity is a process; it takes practice. Be patient.

When you grow up you realise the importance that exercise has for your health. When you are young you know that exercise is important because it can be fun. This is the combination we target with our youth training.
It is so important to keep the fun factor there for kids. We do this by making it social, incorporating games and fun competition.

If you can, try to give your kids a range of activities to try that involve different movement patterns so they create coordination, balance, strength and movement patterns to take them through life. We love seeing them develop skills and confidence within their bodies as they progress.

Just like an adult training for a marathon, kids need time, consistency and structure to progressively get better at something. Kids can become despondent or impatient if they can’t do something straight away. Reinforce that mastering a skill takes time.

We love helping young people learn how to move their bodies so feel welcome to come chat to our team.

[Written by Keegan Murphy]
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