Men’s Health Tips; it starts with talking!

September 3, 2020
September 3, 2020 Kate Morland
  1. If something feels wrong, speak to someone. It’s good to ask for help.
  2. Health is a constant process; we never have it ‘nailed’, there always areas we need to work at and adapt further
  3. The mind is equally as important to strengthen as the body. Consider what it is you are doing to ‘train your mind’.

Us guys can tend to be very reluctant to talk about health issues…probably for fear of showing a weakness, or fear of embarrassment or just that you don’t think it important enough. Hence why we’re trying to open the channels for communication

As trainers we have worked with lots of men who would rather consult Dr. Google before seeking professional help. Men have always been and always will be susceptible to things going wrong, whether physically or mentally. The old school belief that we are supposed to be hard, not cry, and never talk about feelings has hopefully been kicked to the door (thanks to a lot of work by high profile men’s health promoters) but still you may be ignoring your own signs and symptoms.

We encourage you to check in with health & wellness professionals regularly e.g. doctor, physio, dentist, dietitian, exercise professional ; whether that be a few times a year or more (no less). Like a dentist you don’t want to leave it until you’ve got a mountain of issues, rather catch it early. Some of the things you may want to check out:
Slightly elevated blood pressure (if you’re testing) or because that is silent; look at increased stress or tension
Slightly low mood, reduced libido, unmotivated
reduction in fitness, feeling out of breath with minimal exertion
unintentional body weight changes
Changes in bladder or bowel habits
Unexplained aches & pains or injuries

Our team is always here to chat to you, no obligation; we can point you in the right direction, boost motivation, or we can just be an ear if you need someone to listen.
Let’s look after ourselves together guys!

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