5 Habits that reap big health benefits

June 30, 2021 Kate Morland

Our team have been focused on learning more about habits that are low cost but reap high reward. Here are our Top 5.

1. Breathing

We all breathe and probably don’t take too much notice of it. But breathing exercises can be a great way to increase lung capacity, induce relaxation or alternatively stimulate your body. You can learn from our trainers who love teaching breathing techniques or link into a breathing app e.g. Wim Hof app.

2. Hydrate

We all know to drink more water. But really, are you? What does it take to hydrate? Do you need to wait to feel tired, headachey, lethargic or thirsty to drive the action to put water to the lips?

Today, think of 3 ways that you can boost water intake PROACTIVELY, not reactively. For example:

  1. Drink 1/2 a bottle to/1/2 from work
  2. Add 1 glass of water to each of your meal and snack times
  3. Buy a funky new drink bottle, keep cup or mug and use novelty to drive interest.

3. Prepare your own lunch

Yip, sounds basic right. When we prepare our own lunch with enough items, we’ll be less preoccupied around food and hunger through the day as we know we’re prepared right. We don’t waste time wandering to shops, being tempted or even skipping meals.

e.g. Leftovers, soups, rice packs and flavoured tunas, baked beans and toast, sandwiches and wraps.

4. Sleep

Get to sleep at a time to invest in 8 hours sleep. So work backwards, if the alarm is going off at 6am, then it’s bed by 930 to be asleep by 10pm. Create a sleep routine (just like a baby/child has). Calm the mind and body, avoid bright lights to induce melatonin, avoid stimulus e.g phone, create an environment that supports sleep e.g. warm, tidy bedroom, cosy bed.

5. Stretch or Foam Roll daily

We are big advocates for stretching and using the foam roller to release muscle tension and improve mobility. Invest 5-10mins in your day to this and over time you’ll reap big rewards. We do this while watching a little t.v. or at morning tea instead of scrolling through facebook.


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