Spiced Chickpeas (Moroccan Style)

July 4, 2024
July 4, 2024 Kate Morland
Eating like the locals in Morocco with fresh corn and chickpeas

Spiced Moroccan Chickpeas

I couldn’t resist trying these delicate morsels here in Rabat, Morocco. Such a simple concept of turning a rather ‘blah’ ingredient into something very delicious.

As Arabic is widely spoken and English is not, I had to try to decipher what went on here so I have taken a few liberties with the spice ingredients.

Freshly cooked chickpeas – these appeared to have been boiled, and then were just in a frying pan, no oil, just keeping warm. They were firm and not mushy at all.

The man scooped them into a cone of paper – the girls think this is a necessary step so grab your childs or grandchilds discarded drawing and start rolling. This was a fact, on the back of the paper was little Mohammeds artwork.

Eating like the locals with fresh corn and chickpeas – simple but GOOD

Then sprinkle a mixture of spices and salts. I’m sure you can use your imagination but for this flavour which is still slightly burning my lips as I write (that being 20mins since eating them) I’m assuming a good pinch of each;

  • Salt, or garlic salt
  • Fine chilli flakes or a ground chilli powder
  • Ground cumin
  • Smokey paprika
  • and a tincy pinch of cayenne, if you like a bit of heat


Chickpeas are a legume and excellent source of fibre and prebiotics, which do amazing things for our gut health. If you are intolerant or sensitive to them e.g. bloat or get gassey then they may not be your thing sorry. But perhaps with a little here and there in your diet you may adjust to them.

Enjoying our fresh corn and chickpeas by the seaside, in Rabat.

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