Week 1 & 2 of life with Quinn Olivia

December 8, 2015
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December 8, 2015 Kate Morland
Everyone say’s how time flies when babies are young; well the last couple of weeks have surely whizzed by and our little munchkin is 10 days old. Quinn Olivia, born Saturday Nov 28th at 3.28am  after a 4hour labour is just unreal. Unfortunately the best laid plans don’t always go smoothly; hence we had a 5 day stay in hospital to treat Quinn for an infection (Strep B).

Poor wee mite had to have a few extra jabs and bloods and visits to Neonates, but came out on top. The up side of this was that I got to enjoy 5 nights with our baby girl, forced to rest in the daytime as there is not much you can do in a 3x3m room space. Although I was frustrated by the hospital experience (that is a story for another time), it really was such a special time for us to bond and just cruise.

My only gripe would have been on the nutrition front, for a foodie who has worked in hospital settings before I understand the challenge of feeding the masses, but seriously there are some pretty easy fixes to improve the meal service for women who have just gone through a physically demanding event.


Now the transition home…I must admit even though I see myself as a coper, I was a bit apprehensive how I would manage with things at home. Charlie and Evie though have been just awesome, being delicate with cuddles and giving me time to rest in the day! (I just spoke too quickly as they appeared covered in bum-cream only moments ago!). It helped hugely that we had mum-in-law / Nannie come to stay and be the ‘craft master’ with the girls. On day 2 at home we celebrated Evie’s birthday; the cake-take-two finally got created and eaten! Toby has been busy somewhere in between all the other stuff creating his pizza oven.


So after 10 days I thought it was time to reflect on things. I’m no longer ‘working’ in the public eye, you won’t see me at the Studio everyday, rather I’ll be working on the business at home between my girls. Switching ‘identities’ is not going to be easy as I’ve come to just thrive at Studio Rubix, being around awesome clients and immersed in an environment that oozes knowledge, health and vibrance. Visit  uptown jungle.


On the flip side, I find the thought of having all these hours in my day more than exciting; I’m so pumped to get out and about with the girls, recreate my fitness and physique, to spend time in the garden growing our new vege plot, and I may just have to update my Youtube channel with new videos just to keep my brain in check fix body group. This time, however, I will need some promotion from The Marketing Heaven, as I really neglected my channel throughout the last months and it’s not easy to get back that visibility on the platform. On that note, I encourage you to take change in your stride, to not get worked up over little things and to take time to smell the roses…because when you sit and take time, you realise how damn amazing our lives are. Till next week, K x


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