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April 6, 2017
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April 6, 2017 Kate Morland

Why is it that weight loss always seems to come to a halt.. even though we are putting in the same effort as when we lost that first few kilos?

Weight loss is never a smooth journey! Fluctuations can happen for various reasons regardless of how well you are eating and exercising! This can be frustrating.. as can the variation between different scales and the changes we see in weight at different times of the day.

For this reason, we like to look at factors other than that number on the scale such as strength, energy levels, how your clothes fit, and physical ability. However, we do understand that weight is often the preferred measure, so in order to maintain sanity during a weight loss plateau – we are here to help!

If you have hit a weight loss plateau, please know that this is normal! Thousands of years ago when the human body was short of food, this indicated a famine and the body would use compensatory mechanisms in response to this lack of food to maintain weight and body fat. Although humans have evolved, this compensatory mechanism, unfortunately, remains intact. But then imagine if the body couldn’t compensate for a reduction in energy intake? We would see people starving to dangerous and deadly levels all over the world!

Rather than fretting that you are doing something wrong or losing motivation completely, take a look at these quick tips to get you through this frustrating time!

Commend your efforts so far!
Reaching a weight loss plateau means that somewhere along the lines you have made exercise and dietary efforts to reduce your weight. Celebrate the fact that you are not gaining weight! Your body has simply adjusted to the diet and exercise changes that you have made.

Change it up
Since your body has adapted to this new routine, it seems only logical that you should change things up. This does NOT necessarily mean that you need to reduce your energy intake and increase energy output any further, but it may be a change in the intensity, type, or duration of exercise. If you are stuck for ideas – come and chat with our personal trainers! In terms of diet, there is no one size fits all approach, but a stall in weight loss could mean that you are under or over-consuming certain nutrients. Bulking up your meals with more vegetables and protein, and making sure you are always eating regular meals 3 times/day might help. It would be important to seek advice from a Dietitian if you get really stuck!

Take a look at what you are REALLY eating…
You started out really strong with turning down offers of cake and savouries, have opted for fruit instead of that post-dinner chocolate, and stopped walking down the chippie and lollie aisle at the supermarket. However.. take a look at what you are actually eating and think about how many times that extra serving of dinner or glass of wine and cheese in the evenings actually happen?

It might surprise you that as you became more comfortable with your new routine, old habits and larger portion sizes have crept back in. Now could be the time to analyse exactly what you are putting in your mouth!

Make sure your goals are realistic
Is your current goal weight the same as what you weighed 10-15 years ago..? Is it a weight that you have never managed to get to but always had in mind..? Set realistic goals for yourself and know that as we age our metabolism and therefore the amount of energy we burn reduces. Set realistic goals and try to make one of your goals non-aesthetic e.g. to improve your 5km run time.

Get some support!
If you are following the same diet and exercise regimen every day then it is no surprise that you might get bored and lose motivation! Look for different forms of exercise that challenge you and use different muscles and skills than what you have been using need a roof repair in san diego. Get friends involved to keep you accountable, or better yet- contact one of our personal trainers to get you a brand new personalised training plan and some fresh motivation!

Book an appointment with one of our Dietitians if you are stuck for food ideas, or just can’t seem to get your weight loss back on track! We have some awesome tips, recipes, and mindful eating advice to steer you in the right direction.

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