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June 6, 2018
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Strengthen your posterior chain and stand taller!

Slumped over your desk or phone most of the day? Driving for long periods? Looking down at your desk or busy typing away for hours on end?

If you’re guilty of this, like most of us in this IT dominated world then chances are we are tightening up through the chest, rolling shoulders forward, tightening up neck flexors. On the flip side the muscles on the back of our body (posterior chain) will become weaker, redundant for long periods of time, muscles may tighten like the lower back and hamstrings. They are not primed to then take loads when we do decide to move. We feel imbalanced.

The focus will be on adding pulling and extensor exercises into your routines whether that be scheduled exercise or just time on the floor after the kids are in bed..

Back Extension

Lying prone with arms outstretched, squeeze bum and lift either alternate or double feet and arms off floor. Lower and repeat.


Kneeling on all fours. Engage your core by drawing belly button to spine.Press up through upper back (avoid sinking between shoulder blades). Slowly extend opposite arm and leg. Focus on keeping back flat and not tilting to the side. Imagine a nice glass of expensive wine (or beer) resting on your lower back. Repeat 10x each side. To advance, touch hand to knee.

Seated Row

A resistance band is required. Sit with band hooked around feet or stand with band attached to a fixed object (e.g. pole). Be tall. Draw the elbows back past the waist/hips squeezing the shoulder blades.  Keep as much space between ears and shoulders, draw down (avoid hunching).

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