Pregnancy & Exercise Tips from a PT Dad

April 2, 2020
April 2, 2020 Kate Morland

Keep active, it will help with recovery

You know your body best, if something doesn’t feel right, do not keep doing it

If in doubt always seek guidance from a health professional

Get familiar with you pelvic floor muscles

Having a baby is an exciting time (I’ve just become a father for the first time and it’s great). Exercise during this time can be confusing as there is lots of conflicting advice out there.
Keeping active has lots of benefits during and after your pregnancy.

Here are 4 tips if you are unsure about exercise during/after pregnancy.

  1. Find a form of low impact resistance exercise you enjoy (like Reformer Pilates), this will help prepare your body for the birth and for recovery afterwards. My partner continued to do 2 Reformer sessions all the way up to 40 weeks and it has been great for her recovery.
  2. You know your body…if you are doing any form of exercise and it does not feel right or you feel pain, stop immediately, which leads on to:
  3. If you are in any doubt seek help from a professional. At Studio Rubix we have trainers who have certifications to work with pre/post natal ladies. You can also speak to a women’s health specialist physiotherapist (we also have one who works from Studio Rubix)…we’ve got you covered!
  4. Know your pelvic floor muscles from your elbow! The pelvic floor muscles are an integral part of the core and they will but under a lot of strain during pregnancy and through labour. If you get familiar with how to strengthen these muscles it will be a game changer for your recovery.
  5. Aim to be the strongest, functionally fit version of yourself throughout your pregnancy to set you up for an effective recovery.
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