Reformer Pilates

April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021 Kate Morland
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Why it is so popular and why you should add it to your life!

If you’re yet to become a convert to reformer pilates you may be wondering, why do people get so excited by pilates and what is the deal with a reformer? Well let’s put it this way; we take pilates on the mat and supercharge it with a body shaking, booty burning machine. This machine (thank you Joseph Pilates for inventing it!) is our pride and joy. With a range of springs to add resistance, or no springs to add instability, this machine will support or push you to your physical limits. 

Some people look at the reformer with trepidation but we can assure you, you will be safe and supported. They are designed to take up to 180kg of weight and we have props to aid you if necessary. 

No two classes are the same!

That’s right, we love to mix it up, keep you guessing and challenging yourself each class. Our team at Studio Rubix prides itself on our level of expertise and we’ll look after you whether you are recovering from hip surgery or ready to climb a mountain. There are no winners and losers in our classes; it’s all about your own fitness journey, staying in your own lane and being focused on you. 

Plus you can choose from beginner, intermediate, advanced, cardiolates (combo of bike/reformer), stretch and release, pre/post natal and our legends (65+) classes. There are over 40 on the schedule!

Hence small class sizes!

To keep things up close and personal we limit our class sizes to 9. This means we get hands on to keep your technique in check but also keep a subtle eye on you to ensure you’re challenging yourself. Clients are surprised how fast they start seeing changes in their strength, flexibility and shape. How cool is that!

Strengthen, lengthen & tone!

Your grimace gets us excited because that means you’re working and results are inevitable. Your whole body will get stronger; so everyday tasks become easier. Your range of mobility and flexibility will improve; to optimise posture and release tension. Your body shape will adapt as it has no choice; you will tone those muscles. 

No it’s not yoga!

We have nothing against yoga, we are rather partial to aerial yoga at The Loft. However, our reformer pilates is not a yoga session. There are similarities such as focus on breathing, mindfulness and long poses but reformer pilates is dynamic, endurance focused along with a sprinkle of Rubix magic. 

So how do you add it to your life?

Simple. Just get started by booking into a beginner class to ease into it. Soon you’ll be looking forward to our “left heel down” prompt (don’t worry you’ll know what we mean by that soon). Come as many times a week as you prefer (we suggest at least 2x) but the more frequent, well the faster the results! Mix it up between class types and trainers. 

So are you ready? 

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