Israeli Couscous, Bacon & Haloumi salad

October 20, 2021
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October 20, 2021 Kate Morland

Some nights we are short on time to prepare dinner or the kids are in the mood to pick items they like. In these cases I like to grab what I have on hand from each of the food groups e.g. carbohydrates = israeli couscous, protein = haloumi, eggs, bacon, vegetables = spinach and a healthy fat = walnuts, avocado (garnished).


  • 2 cups dry israeli couscous (cooked according to packet directions)
  • 3 cups spinach (half layered on bottom, half chopped and stirred through cooked couscous to wilt)
  • bacon rashers, panfried and paper toweled dry to remove excess fat
  • Haloumi, panfried
  • Eggs, soft boiled
  • Walnuts, toasted in a sprinkle of brown sugar and butter
  • Avocado, diced for those who like it


  1. Cook israeli couscous.
  2. Meanwhile panfry bacon and haloumi.
  3. Put eggs on to boil for 4-5 mins in pot.
  4. Dice half the spinach.
  5. Panfry walnuts.
  6. Arrange on a platter and dig in.
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