Team Rubix races to the brewery for charity

March 9, 2023 Kate Morland
Studio Rubix Race to Brewery

Race to the Brewery 2023

Team Rubix got off to a competitive start while we all milled about in our Studio Rubix carpark sipping coffees, adjusting our neon green headbands and discussing tactics.

Tactics included; don’t drop the timing chip, go hard…the whole way, tuck in behind and get a pull on the bike, and we’ll see who’s got fresh legs for the extra running leg that was added at last minute!

Chris Thompson was our #1 on our road bike leg, a quick, all-out, chest heaving cycle from Palmy to the carpark for the gorge walk and he smashed it. Little did he know about the nasty wee climb at the end of his leg to transition to…

Toby Morland; jumping at the bit to take on his nemesis gorge run. He was no novice to this leg, and his expression and pale face at the end proved he emptied the tank. His motivation tactic as he passed each of the 19 runners on this stretch was to give them nicknames of rugby players from his heydey

Brian Puddick took the timing chip and sauntered his way up the 7.5km gravel road; sucking in the dust hoping each corner was the last! This leg is harder than people give it credit for, no running or you’re disqualified, and it just keeps winding up. Brian picked off a few people on this leg to set up

Shane Parlato for the downhill kamikaze mountain bike. Shane, not afraid to put his top gear in overtook a few more competitors and pulled up mud splattered with a huge smile on his face and a giant skid in front of spectators! Passing the timing chip to

Daniel Goymer who put his legs into motion to cover the 5km road run in only 22mins picking up a few more places! Two long straights would be enough to kill anyones mojo but he just put his head down and nailed it…passing onto

Brian Puddick who tag-teamed with Daniel to wind up the long 7.5km road run that finished in a nasty uphill climb, managing to pick up a few more places, to reach…

Kate Morland, patiently waiting with goosebumps for the last leg which traversed gravel roads, lumpy ankle breaking paddocks and a steep downhill to the finish line, picking up another 2 places…bringing the team in 6th place!

We were stoked to get awarded the unexpected “Good Buggers” Trophy which now sits proud on our reception desk. Beers, pizza and lots of competitive chat as we reminisced over our legs, who we passed, who passed us…oh and how much fun we had! Thanks to our support crew Staci and for family awaiting us at the finish line!

Bring on 2024 when we think we need a few more Rubix teams to complete or compete all in aid of charity!

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